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Tennis Greeting Cards

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Outside Text: Don't sweat it.
Inside Text: Serve up a winner and ace your special day.
Catalog Number: TB93

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Outside Text: If you ask me, she's putting a little too much
into that two-handed backhand.
Inside Text: Unwind, relax and have a great day.
Catalog Number: TM88

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Outside Text: Singles may have
all the flash...
Inside Text: ...but doubles are more fun!

Happy Anniversary

Catalog Number: TN101

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Outside Text: There is nothing more welcome
than that little injury
which allows you to withdraw gracefully
when you are being hammered.
Inside Text: Get Well Soon.
Catalog Number: TG1

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Outside Text: There is no overturning
this decision...
Inside Text: ...the call stands.

Happy Birthday.

Catalog Number: TB1

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Outside Text: The key to a successful marriage is...
Inside Text: ...together yet apart.

Happy Anniversary

Catalog Number: GTA1

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Outside Text: N/A
Inside Text: N/A
Catalog Number: TX2

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Outside Text: N/A
Inside Text: Don't be discouraged.
Sunny days are ahead.
Catalog Number: TE12

th7.jpeg (36006 bytes)

Outside Text: That new instructor can light my menorah any time.
Inside Text: Have an exciting Hanukkah.
Catalog Number: TH7

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