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Golf Greeting Cards

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Outside Text: Tee time for two.
Inside Text: Happy Anniversary.
Catalog Number: GA27

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Outside Text: Old golfers never die...
Inside Text: ...they just putt a round.

Happy Birthday.

Catalog Number: GB93

gbf6.jpeg (28609 bytes)

Outside Text: There are many ways
to improve your score.
Inside Text: I suggest an eraser.

Enjoy your special day.

Catalog Number: GBF6

gbf2.jpeg (28809 bytes)

Outside Text: For your special day...
Inside Text: about a nice drive in the park?
Catalog Number: GBF2

gb1.jpeg (32157 bytes)

Outside Text: The Great Golf Dilemma...
Inside Text: You shoot your age,
but don't want to show
anyone the score.

Happy Birthday anyway.

Catalog Number: GB1

ga1.jpeg (32194 bytes)

Outside Text: There is no one I'd rather
play a round with.
Inside Text: Happy Anniversary.
Catalog Number: GA1

gta1.jpeg (33374 bytes)

Outside Text: The key to a successful marriage is...
Inside Text: ...together yet apart.

Happy Anniversary.

Catalog Number: GTA1

gb13.jpeg (44158 bytes)

Outside Text: You're not over the hill...
Inside Text: ...but you're definitely out of bounds.
Happy Birthday.
Catalog Number: GB13

gg475.jpeg (48005 bytes)

Outside Text: N/A
Inside Text: Get well soon.
Catalog Number: GG475

gc1.jpeg (22926 bytes)

Outside Text: N/A
Inside Text: Tees 'n' Greetings.
Catalog Number: GC1

gl106.jpeg (52161 bytes)

Outside Text: Merry Christmas
Inside Text: From a mid-winter's sleep
I awoke to the whack
of golf balls being hit
off the chimney out back.

Excited emotions
from my mouth did flood
as I screamed through the window...
"Don't wreck my new clubs."

Catalog Number: GL106

gh9.jpeg (31751 bytes)

Outside Text: David likes the holidays so much,
he always tries to make the joy
last all year long.
Inside Text: Happy Hanukkah.
Catalog Number: GH9

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